About Us

We are a group of studios, musicians, and artists collaborating to make cool stuff and have fun in the process…

It all started with: “Hey, let’s make some funny rap songs”, said Trey with a mouth full of Wendy’s Baconator. That project grew into Bleached Whites, a hip-hop crew dedicated to making fun of stuff and not being serious and whatever. Soon after, Chuck was introduced through a friend to Undastreet Music Entertainment (UME), a great group of Hip Hop artists from San Marcos and San Antonio. They started hanging out more and more in Chuck’s home recording studio, which had grown in size and quality over time.

The more projects we started, the more it became clear that this has now become a professional recording studio, and it needed a name. Chuck began his search for a name by creating a folder under ‘My Documents’ and stared at the blue, highlighted words “New Folder” for a while. After about a half an hour or so, he got tired and just added ‘Studios’ at the end. He figured it matched his simple and nerdy nature.

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