How does one artist in the realm of rap and hip hop earn adoration from fans across the music spectrum? If that artist is Kampayne, then it must be through sheer charisma, creativity, and the lyrical capacity to strike an accord with lovers of any genre of music.


Kampayne was born in Louisiana but spent the majority of his young life everywhere but. Being exposed to culture from Virginia Beach to Germany allowed him to experience life through various views and contexts, and that diversity manifests itself in his music. After a tour in the Army he settled down in Texas where he co-founded DEFCON. Although the group found some success it was short-lived due to personal issues within the group. As DEFCON started to fizzle out, Kampayne embarked on the adventure of building up Undastreet Music Enhancement with friends Dealin’ Dubbs, Keef Caben, and D. Cade.

Though Kampayne had already been in the spot light as a member of Defcon, he really began to gain recognition for his talents once he went solo. His comedic lines and intelligent yet gritty wordplay landed cameos with artists such as Dealin’ Dubbs, B-Fam, and KB the Boobonic-a hugely popular Austin artist. Not only has he flourished with his words, but also as the man behind the music as producer of tracks for several artists. As he began recording with various artists, word spread on his talents and soon he found himself working with everyone from Austin-based alternative band Phoenix Down to the dub step trio Mad Classy.

The multi-faceted style seen in Kam’s work can best be described by the mood of the song. His base sound mingles the neo-soul smoothness of maturity with the east coast edginess of his younger years, but he never forgets that old southern juice of his roots. As he has grown, he is careful with his words because he knows the impact they have on ears. “I want to teach, but I also want to make you move. It’s has to be a delicate balance”. His influences range from gritty Redman to Common to Maroon 5.

Kampayne is one busy man these days. Having just released the single “Cold Rain” with friend Will Lindow on the Chuk Jones’ “Incubator Series”, Kam is putting the finishing touches on his debut album “So Wut” which already has heads buzzing off the lead-off track “Krunk Muzik”. He is already working on his untitled sophomore album as well as a Defcon reunion album. Word on the street is that there is also a band project in the works for this mogul of music multi-tasking. So what is there left for him to do…movies? Stay tuned…

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